I met with Julie over a year period regarding issues of loss and relationships. I felt comfortable working with her and looked forward to our sessions. She is extremely empathic, uses a variety of techniques, but most of all I felt that she was really with me during our sessions. She accepted me unconditionally and this allowed me to grow during our sessions. She also challenged me in ways that I had not experienced before.


Julie’s gentle yet assertive style of counseling really facilitates a meaningful and insightful reflection of yourself. With her, you’re the one who arrives at conclusions, by yourself, which makes the realizations that much more meaningful. At the risk of sounding too cliché, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the confidence I built up from our sessions. Julie helped me visualize my path and now I’m living purposefully.


I went to Julie because I wanted to build a better relationship with my parents. For several years I had little to no contact with them because my mother is schizophrenic and had not sought treatment. Because of this, my relationship with my parents had been problematic from a young age already. Somehow, Julie is able to press the right buttons in a gentle way. She motivates and asks questions in a very effective way. To my own surprise, within a couple of weeks of talking to her. I took the initiative to contact my father. Julie taught me how to learn to accept my own personal situation, but also how to set boundaries in order to make contact with them tolerable for myself. Also, she put me in contact with several organizations that could effectively support me in living with a family member with mental illness. The strength I gained from our sessions I for instance put to use to finally get the right help for my mother and also to commence psychotherapy myself which I have successfully completed. Now, two years later, I can honestly say that I am doing well and that Julie was the one who instigated this.


I want to thank you so very much for your time, for your calming demeanor and for all that you do. Somehow just talking to you allowed me to open so many parts of myself that were hiding.


Julie made me see things differently to as I viewed them before, by simply talking through things I was thinking about with a real engagement and kindness, and opened me up to seeing newer and more positive perspectives on everything, despite any hesitance I might have had. More than anything, she made me feel like she was listening to me properly and making me feel like she could understand me and help me, without making me feel as if my feelings were banal or too simple to be something for which counselling was necessary. I really appreciated the time I worked out things together with her, and would recommend her without a single reservation.